Our Providers

Kim Miller, a licensed clinical social worker and the co-owner of Neurofeedback AZ.

Kim Miller

Kimberly Miller is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and a Licensed Independent Substance Abuse Counselor with over 27 years of experience. Kim is an: 

  • Internal Family Systems clinician
  • Brainspotting Clinician
  • EMDR Therapist
  • qEEG brain mapping Candidate
  • Certified Somatic Experiencing Practitioner
  • Assistant for Training Cohorts
  • Clinical Hypnotherapist
  • Post-Induction Trained
  • Meadows Trained Clinician

As an integrative therapist, Kim’s approach combines attention for a patient’s mind, body, and spirit. She has also sought advanced training in mental health, trauma, and addictions.

Kim has been trained and mentored by industry thought leaders and is a Doctoral Student with a focus on neuropsychology. Kim’s interest is in Bio-Hacking, which is using our natural intelligent system to rewire, overwrite and re-engineer. She believes this is what the brain is made to do.

Kim’s mission is to gain support for Neurofeedback as a modality and alternative option and bring back connections and true healing instead of sometimes quick-fix band-aids that don’t get to the root of the matter.

George Miller, trained neurofeedback technician and co-owner of Neurofeedback AZ.

George Miller

George Miller is studying for a Master’s Degree in Counseling. George has been providing neurofeedback for 4 years and is in a strict mentorship program to hone his skills in neurofeedback and brain mapping. George was a pre-med student in 2010 and comes from almost two centuries of generations of medical doctors in St Louis in his family line. George became interested in counseling because of the human touch and his love is the brain and Neurofeedback and is a truly skilled neurofeedback clinician. 

Dr. Matt Klein, DO, the psychiatric consultant for Neurofeedback AZ.

Dr. Matt Klein, DO

Dr Klein is our medical and psychiatric consultant. Dr. Klein is a knowledgeable and extremely talented psychiatrist with a knack for working with adolescents, young adults, and adults with simple or extremely complex cases. Dr. Klein has a true heart for helping people and is an incredible person and diagnostician.