A young woman suffering from bipolar disorder.

Natural Support for Bipolar Disorder

If you’re suffering from bipolar depression or manic episodes, QEEG neurofeedback can help you regain your quality of life. Neurofeedback is a natural supportive service for bipolar that can stabilize brain wave activity causing your problems. Neurofeedback AZ is the leading provider of bipolar support protocols in Tempe and Scottsdale, AZ.

Neurofeedback is an effective support modality for bipolar

QEEG brain mapping is a method of monitoring electrical signals in your brain to determine which areas of the brain aren’t performing properly. People with bipolar disorder experience excessive amounts of high beta and alpha brain waves that cause fluctuations in mood and energy levels. Individuals with these brain wave imbalances find it hard to get “in the zone” and live and work effectively.

Treating bipolar disorder through neurofeedback brain training sessions involves retraining the brain to produce the proper amounts of these specific types of brain waves. Neurofeedback is a bipolar support method that doesn’t involve medication and can be a suitable alternative for individuals who are looking to avoid side effects associated with medications or to work alongside their treatment medications. 

Where to begin with bipolar help near Scottsdale and Tempe

Your mental health is important to us. If you’re interested in exploring neurofeedback as a training plan for bipolar disorder, or would simply like to have your questions answered, call our office today!

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