A woman suffering from trauma.

Trauma Specialists in Scottsdale and Tempe

We’ve all had negative experiences in our lives. These events presented threats to us and were stressful. However, for some of us, the effects of trauma leave us viewing all our interactions, relationships, and situations through the lens of those threats. Individuals with serious trauma in their past often find that cognitive behavioral therapy alone is not enough. Serious changes in the brain have been made by traumatic events that can be very difficult to work through with talk therapy alone. Neurofeedback AZ is a leading provider of trauma support services through QEEG neurofeedback that can get you on the road to recovery from your past.

Neurofeedback as a compliment for trauma therapy

Through neurofeedback, we can pinpoint the sources in the brain of these changes. This often involves an abundance of one type of brain wave at the expense of another, causing an individual to feel they can’t relax, or they constantly make the same mistakes over and over in their lives. For this reason, neurofeedback can be a perfect complement to trauma therapy. We can retrain the brain to produce the correct brain waves in the correct amounts, which will provide the individual with relief, solutions, and improved quality of life.

We are advocates of talk therapy, EMDR, and other forms of therapy as well. We are big believers in maintaining a therapeutic relationship. However, if you’d like to explore the option of using neurofeedback to help you work through the trauma you’ve had in the past, please reach out to us. We’re happy to answer your questions, set up a consultation, and help you on your road to wellness.

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