A man suffering from generalized anxiety disorder.

Neurofeedback for Anxiety near Scottsdale and Tempe, AZ

Do you feel as though you can’t let go of anxiety, a critical or worried voice is creating dissonance or an anxious reaction that comes and goes or never seems to turn off? You’re not alone. We’re all familiar with the feeling of being anxious, but some of us find we are unable to modulate our anxiousness and it turns into a mental health condition known as anxiety.

Neurofeedback AZ is a leading provider of neurofeedback training for anxiety in the Scottsdale and Tempe area. Through biofeedback, we can monitor your brain waves in real-time and begin to correct imbalances we find.

How does neurofeedback work with anxiety?

The brain generates many different frequencies of brain waves throughout the course of your day. Brainwave frequencies change depending on whether one is sleeping, awake, daydreaming, focused, anxious, etc. Though all people experience all brain wave types, people with anxiety have an imbalance in these natural brain waves.

Studies show that neurofeedback is an effective option for generalized anxiety disorder in combination with talk therapy. What’s more, it’s a natural retraining for anxiety that can begin to work in just a few weeks. Through the power of neurofeedback, we can monitor these brain waves in real-time. We can determine whether you’ve got an excess of high-beta brain waves causing constant feelings of anxiety, or whether your anxiety is caused by a deficit of the slower alpha brain waves.  This is a simplified version of neurofeedback. Once we’ve evaluated any problem areas, we can begin working to correct them.

Set an appointment for anxiety neurofeedback

If you’re suffering from panic attacks, heart rate fluctuations, or stress and anxiety that’s affecting your quality of life, don’t let it run your life for another day! Contact us today to set up a consultation. We tell clients that even small improvements can change the course of their life completely.  Most of our clients want to try neurofeedback to see if it will help because it is such a safe option.  At this point, there is only talk therapy or pharmacology.  Clients are raving about having at least a third option.  Neurofeedback is often supported by industry leaders and cutting-edge clinicians as the wave of the future. Our mission is to be accessible and help people have a chance to try adding it to their current regime and we don’t require large financial commitments or long-term contracts. We work well with other providers. 

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