A woman struggling with insomnia and sleep disorder.

Sleep Disorder and Insomnia Support

Sleep disorders can be caused by a number of sources – mental health issues like anxiety, medical conditions like sleep apnea, or even certain medications. However, there are also some things we can look at in the brain that may indicate sources of sleep disorders. QEEG brain mapping and neurofeedback are very effective ways of pinpointing these sources and beginning to fix them. Neurofeedback AZ is the top provider of neurofeedback for sleep disorders and insomnia support and training near Scottsdale and Tempe.

How neurofeedback can help with sleep disorders and insomnia

There are three types of brain waves we look at when considering brain-related sleep disorder causes. These are alpha brain waves, which are generated in order to help us feel relaxed, theta brain waves, which allow us to go from conscious to unconscious, and delta brain waves, which are generated during sleep. An imbalance or problem within these brain waves is often the source of nagging sleep problems.

QEEG neurofeedback is used to measure and quantify these brain waves to determine if a person is generating too much or too little of a certain brain wave type.

Neurofeedback sessions are then used to retrain the brain to generate the proper brain waves in the proper amounts. This evidence-based practice helps patients fall asleep and stay asleep.

Restful sleep is right around the corner!

Our neurofeedback centers provide insomnia support near Tempe and Scottsdale, AZ is relaxed environments where we are able to meet with patients, discuss presenting issues, and discuss possible solutions. Our patients are often individuals who would prefer to avoid sleep medicines or have already tried a wide variety of options with little success. If you’re interested in a consultation or would like some questions answered about your sleep disorder or insomnia, call today!

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