A man struggling with depression.

Neurofeedback for Depression Retraining in Scottsdale & Tempe

Don’t let depression run your life! Neurofeedback AZ is a premier provider of depression training in Tempe and Scottsdale through our use of cutting-edge biofeedback technologies. This mental health condition is all too common, and it affects your quality of life.

How neurofeedback combats depression

Individuals with depression can have results like less brain activity in their left frontal lobe, a portion of the brain responsible for positive emotions and motivation, for example. Individuals with less activity in this portion of the brain are more likely to experience negative emotions and feel common symptoms of depression. Through biofeedback, we can isolate which portions of the brain may be causing symptoms and begin to train those underperforming areas.

Neurofeedback is an effective depression training

There is strong, research backed by evidence that neurofeedback is an effective way to support depression treatment. Through neurofeedback training, we can isolate whether this problem is contributing to your symptoms and work to correct them through ongoing sessions.

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