Neuroscience that Matters-Mood



A neurofeedback provider with a hand on a patient's shoulder.

The first step in understanding brain mapping or neurofeedback is to understand that the brain has different parts. Just like a realtor has real estate, the brain has areas that produce certain functions. The right hemisphere controls sad emotions to be linked to sad states and the left hemisphere has a role in light or happy states.  Therefore, if we see brain waves that are slow on the right that can be a good sign.

Alpha brain waves, which are more long slow brain waves that are greater on the right than on the left are what we want to see for an association with positive moods. Alpha can inhibit or pull back a more sappy mood which is a good thing for most of us. Too much Beta or the faster waves on the right can have you feeling more down. Beta tends to typify activity. Beta on the left, therefore, is a good characteristic of happy moods and affect.

Next Steps

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